What is the use of AI Powered Pet Companion for home

AI Powered Pet Companion

The AI-powered pet companion isn’t just a gadget; it’s like having a tech-savvy furry friend that brings a whole new level of joy and interaction to your pet’s life. Utilizing the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, this innovative device is designed to be more than a mere source of amusement; it becomes a … Read more

Beyond Smart: 12 AI Product for home in 2024

AI Products for home

Embark on a fascinating journey into the heart of home living, where the magic of technology effortlessly weaves into the fabric of our daily existence. In this exploration of AI products for the home, we’re introduced to more than just gadgets—they’re like companions designed to elevate our living spaces. Imagine having a cozy chat with … Read more

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana 2024

Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana

On January 22, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the initiation of the ‘Pradhan Mantri Suryodaya Yojana,’ which aims to deliver rooftop solar installations to one crore households throughout the country. In sharing this initiative, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that it’s not just about reducing electricity bills for the less privileged and middle-class families. He … Read more

How to decorate home with Diwali lights in 2023?

diwali celebration

Deepawali (Diwali), the auspicious Indian festival symbolizing the spiritual “victory of light over darkness”, “good over evil”, and “knowledge over ignorance” is round the corner and every Indian households is getting ready to decorate home with Diwali lights. One year has passed since Shri Narendra Modi, the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India celebrated Diwali with … Read more

What are the benefits of cooking in a Cast Iron Dosa Pan?

dosa pan

So you have consumed that crispy, sumptuous, delightful masala dosa in one of those South Indian restaurants or at your friend’s place, and yearning for more you want to replicate it in your home. The traditional South Indian rice and dal pancake is no longer a mere South Indian dish but has entered almost every … Read more

How to transport Refrigerator in Indian trains?

How to transport Refrigerator in Indian trains?

Looking to transport refrigerator in Indian trains can be daunting but possible with cautious planning and execution. In this blog we give a step-by-step guide on how to transport refrigerator in Indian trains successfully. Follow the Indian Railways guidelines: As a first step to your move to transport refrigerator in Indian trains it is important … Read more

Is vacuum cleaner worth buying?

Is vacuum cleaner worth buying?

Buying a vacuum cleaner depends on your cleaning needs, your body’s health, as well as time in some cases. For households that are moderately large in size with several not so easy to clean items such as carpets, wooden floors, etc. then using a vacuum cleaner would be more effective as against cleaning manually. Also, … Read more