How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

It wouldn’t be a safe bet to drink your favourite coffee in a brass mug although you may after taking into consideration the quality of brass and its age. Usually, brass is nothing but an alloy of zinc and copper combined and it could contain either lead or some other metals which could be injurious for health. Lead when mixed with coffee could make it poisonous and affect kidney, nerves, and blood cells very adversely. Additionally, other metals can also be harmful as they will react with the acidity of coffee, alter its taste, as well as its aroma.

How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

Brass versus modern mugs which is better?

Available modern mugs are ceramic, glass, or stainless steel, and these are considered to be safe and more inert than brass. Ceramic mugs are lead free although the older ones or those that are imported may have lead in the glaze or coating. Glass mugs are transparent and drinking coffee in it could be appealing for many, it needs to be handled with care though. Stainless steel mugs have heat resistance and are durable, it may still have some earlier odors when used before, thorough washing is highly recommended to avoid this. So we can think about drink coffee in brass mug is safe?

What needs to be taken care for drinking coffee from a brass mug?

Using high quality brass mug will make it safe to drink coffee as often those wouldn’t contain any lead or harmful metals. Wash the brass very well before each use and avoid scrubbers that could damage the surface of the brass. Also keep an eye on the inside coating and pH of the beverage which are some other considerations on how safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug.

  • Use good quality food grade brass that is designed specifically for food and beverages and are safe to use.
  • Brass mug manufacturers provide a protective lining in the interior to safeguard against direct contact between food items and brass. Use the brass mug which comes with a food safe coating inside.
  • The brass mug should have proper coating, failing which copper or whatever other metals are used will enter your body when you drink.
  • Always prefer good quality ones, i.e. those with proper coating to mitigate health risks and avoid the ones which shows signs of corrosion.
  • Still if you are unsure about the safety aspects then you may switch to stainless steel, ceramics, or plain glass.
  • Also, avoid preparing and consuming acidic drinks such as lemonade in a brass mug, and when the liquid has a PH of less than 6 then it is better to avoid using that.
  • In terms of maintenance, polish it occasionally with Brasso or any other brass polish that you may procure from the local hardware stores.
How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

How to differentiate a good quality brass?

Brass, especially the good quality ones, will oxidize very quickly as it is a good conductor of heat. So it is very much important to get the good quality one before enjoying your morning coffee in a brass mug


1. Is it safe to drink from brass cups?

It will be safe to drink from brass cups that have very high quality and do not contain lead or other harmful metals. Wash the cup regularly, before and after every use, and skip using any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers as that may create an adverse effect on the surface of the brass.

How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

2. What is a quick way to test the brass material?

Magnet test is the best option as brass is not magnetic and using a magnet will help distinguish it from other ferrous metals such as iron and steel. If the mug gets attracted to magnet then be sure that the material is not brass.

3. Is it safe to eat food in brass utensils?

Yes generally they are safe to consume but you need to keep in mind that brass is a combination of not only copper and zinc but there may also be some other metals present. Check out its composition, presence of coatings, and type of food which is put inside it for serving. Also, always use a good quality utensil with longer shelf life and no presence of lead or other harmful materials.

How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

4. Is brass vessel good for health?

There are numerous health benefits for mankind which is why it has been used since ages for cooking. Brass is good for controlling pitta dosha, increasing hemoglobin count, promoting healthy skin, etc. The flavour and taste of food prepared or served in brass stays for long. Zinc present in brass is good for immunity power, water stored in a brass strengthens the body naturally.

5. Is brass and copper harmful for the skin?

Not really since both brass and copper are worn as jewellery besides being used in cooking food or drinking water.

How safe is it to drink coffee in a brass mug?

6. Which is better for cooking copper or brass?

Copper is preferred by households for cooking due to its magnificent heat conductivity and responsiveness. It is always good to exercise caution regarding the potential reactivity that copper can have with certain food items. When it comes to brass it is less used for cooking but it will be better to buy good quality ones and maintain them properly.

7. Is it good to drink milk in a brass vessel?

Usually it is safe to do so but the vessel needs to be high quality one and cleaned regularly. When you have doubt regarding any food items, consult an expert for guidance. So prefer high quality for make it drinking coffee in brass mug

8. What foods should not be cooked in brass?

Avoid all kinds of acidic or alkaline food as the reaction would result in leaching of metals like copper or zinc into the food.

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