What are the benefits of Smart Camera?

A smart camera is similar to a CCTV camera that has become common but with loads of additional features and benefits. In this blog we examine what are the benefits of smart camera in detail.

First and foremost it is a two-way communication with a smart camera, i.e., it works similar to your smartphone enabling you to connect to the persons on the other end and communicate with them. Interestingly, smart camera guards your home and property, help you keep an eye on your kids when you are away, speak to any members in your home, etc. All you need is an active internet connection with Wifi.

What are the benefits of Smart Camera?

How smart cameras work?

Smart cameras are having cutting-edge hardware, highly efficient software, and artificial intelligence to ensure real-time analysis and making timely decisions, it gives a range of intelligent functionalities on various aspects like security, surveillance, and automation. More often than not smart cameras are motion activated, they start recording when something is detected, and some smart cameras record everything 24×7, i.e., continuous video recording.

What are the advantages of smart security camera?

It gives you peace of mind especially when you are away and things aren’t always normal. It helps you monitor your home and property as the smart camera has many other features which the CCTV wouldn’t have, that is the main benefits of Smart Camera.

You get a dual communication space with smart cameras. By installing it at your doorstep you can easily communicate with anyone who is at your door without any interruptions to what you are doing, even when you are not at home.

Thieves would hesitate entering your home as they would think that you are at home, with a smartphone click you can monitor everything that is going on in your place.

Also, it is SD card compatible, you may not be available all the time and would like to know what all activities happened when away, and smart camera allows you that. An SD card with memory of 128 GB can be put inside the smart camera to get you all the footage that you can watch later at leisure.

The smart camera is wifi enabled besides being weather resistant and there is no need to worry about network errors or power outages as it will keep functioning with the active wifi system.

benefit of smart camera

What are the different types of smart camera?

If you understand benefits of Smart Camera, next step will be exploring the suitable model for your home. There are the wired and wireless smart cameras. Wireless ones use wifi to transmit data and these integrate well with smart home devices as well as programmes like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and even smart speakers and smart lights. The wired ones are connected physically to onsite video storage device or a digital video recorder or network video recorder. Although they don’t need wifi they can be connected to view remotely through an Ethernet cable.

How to install and operate smart camera?

All you need to do is set up the cameras at strategic locations in your home, download the app and follow the instructions given by the provider. Usually, smart cameras are plug-and-play devices and are quite handy.

What are the various features of a smart camera?

Smart camera is not about recording footage alone, there are a plethora of useful features in it:

Face Tag: Smart cameras can recognize face and you can ensure that you get alerts for real security threats by uploading the images of your family members and friends, and tagging them as unsuspicious in the footage. This will also make sure that you aren’t bombarded with unnecessary notifications.

GPS and Geo-fencing: The GPS and geo-fencing features in the smart camera turn on automatically when you are rushing out for work. Interestingly, the smart camera system has inbuilt features to disarm the system once you are nearby to prepare your entry in your home without any need for a manual set up.

Communication: Besides the ability to capture images, smart cameras can do audio monitoring which enable you to listen to conversations and suspicious noise in and around your home. When you find something suspicious you can surprise the intruders by conversing with them and catch them by surprise as if you are present in the premises.

Motion Detection: Smart cameras have in-built sensors to detect motion and move closer to the source of the movement automatically. With the face tag feature it identifies whether the person outside is a friend or a stranger and alert you about their presence through the smartphone app. It also has night vision to protect your home during the darkness of the night when you would be asleep.

What are the benefits of Smart Camera?

Cloud Storage: Everything recorded would be stored in the cloud, no need to fear that space would be a constraint in your phone. Videos recorded by the smart camera would be instantly uploaded in the cloud storage and you can retrieve data anytime, anywhere.

Built-In Storage and Battery: Smart camera will work even when power outages are there as its in-built storage and battery will ensure smooth functioning. This will also enable you to access data once power is back as the footage will be uploaded in the cloud.

What are the benefits of Smart Camera?

Where can you buy smart camera?

If you understand the benefit of smart camera for your home, next step will be purchasing that. You can purchase these security cameras either from any electronic store which sells electronics items or on the online platforms such as Amazon or Flipkart, or directly from the manufacturer’s websites.


1. What is a smart camera?

A smart camera is a network camera that is digitally connected to the internet or to the local network. It has more features than CCTVs such as remote monitoring, motion detection, and can send alerts and notifications.

2. What are the main features of a smart camera?

Smart cameras have high resolution video recordings, two-way audio communication, night vision, motion detection, can be integrated with mobile apps, and have cloud storage facilities.

3. How do smart cameras work?

Smart cameras record video and audio, process and transmit it on a network, wifi, or ethernet. Users can access live as well as recorded footage from a mobile app, web browser, or any other compatible device.

4. What are the benefits of a smart camera?

With smart camera you can monitor remotely, keep an eye on your property and loved ones, collect evidences if any incidents happen, and importantly have peace of mind when away.

What are the benefits of Smart Camera?

5. Are smart cameras easy to install?

Usually smart cameras are do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. One only needs to follow the set of instructions which can be done within minutes. However, some would require drilling or mounting but mostly they are designed for simple placement either on shelves or on tables.

6. Do I need a subscription for cloud storage with a smart camera?

Smart camera manufacturers offer free and paid cloud storage plans. With free plans there would be limited storage capacity and retention time while with paid plans you get higher storage and longer videos.

7. Can I use a smart camera outdoors?

Smart cameras are usually meant for outdoor use as they are weatherproof. But some smart cameras mayn’t be suited for outdoor installations. See the product manufacturer’s specifics before buying.

8. Can smart cameras be hacked?

Normally hacking will be difficult, as electronic systems are immune to hacking in their entirety. Reputed manufacturers put in place additional security features to give protection against unauthorized access.

9. Can smart cameras integrate with other smart home devices?

Yes they are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, smart locks, smart lights, etc.

10. What is the cost of a typical smart camera?

The prices vary depending on the features and quality. Some basic models would have a starting price of around $50 while the more advanced ones can range from $100 to $300 or even more.

11. Do smart cameras record continuously?

Yes some of the smart cameras offer uninterrupted recording features while rest record only when they detect any motion or sound.

12. Are smart cameras legal?

This depends on your location and how it is being used. Check the local laws and regulations in your area, especially on privacy and surveillance.

To sum up, smart cameras are more or less becoming an essential commodity in houses, especially from a security interest perspective.

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