Why to buy a smart lock for home in 2023?

Wanting a smart lock for your home depends on individualistic needs, choices, and of course, the circumstances that you are in. We list below some plausible factors that may help you decide on why to buy a smart lock for home? With smart locks you can keep your home secure by using smartphone apps, voice commands and fingerprint recognition.

Why smart locks are better than normal locks?

Gradually, smart locks are becoming like “smart phones” as people find it convenient to unlock doors using a smart phone app, password key or merely with voice powered by Alexa or Google Assistant.

With smart locks you can bid good bye to fumbling for keys in your pocket and delivering key physically to your family or friend when you aren’t home. You can open the door remotely and receive instant notifications when the lock is opened.

What security features are there in smart locks?

Smart locks have in-built security features such as encryption, alarms for tampering, access codes, etc. This enhances the security of your home, both moveable and immoveable property, and also people residing in it.

Are smart locks costly?

Compared to traditional locks, smart locks are costly as they come with lots of in-built features such as voice activation software, alarm systems, touchpad technology, memory space, remote control features, sensors, cryptography and encryption, specialized phone apps, and so on.

Moreover, smart locks can be installed only by a professional or someone with full knowledge and experience. You need to physically put a smart lock into place and connect it with your smart home network.

How much does a smart lock cost?

Installing a good smart lock for your home may cost anywhere from $200 to $450+. Ultraloq U-bolt Pro Wi-Fi, Wyze Lock, Ultraloq Latch 5 Fingerprint, Yale Assure Lock 2, Aqara Smart Lock U100, etc. are some of the popular brands.

What are the uses and benefits of smart lock?

Primarily, smart locks offer keyless entry and you can easily lock and unlock your home. It is also energy efficient as it adjusts temperature settings while locking and unlocking the door.

Smart Lock versus Traditional Lock

Why to buy a smart lock for home in 2023?
Smart LockTraditional Lock
Can be unlocked with a code, a fingerprint, mobile app or an RFID card.Need to open physically only.
Has more features and can be accessed remotely.Traditional features and can be accessed on the spot only.
QUBO Smart Door Lock Essential from Hero Group, Zunpulse Wireless Smart Door Lock, Godrej Locking Solutions Spacetek Pro Digital Door Lock, Valencia- Hola Smart Door Lock, Yale YDME 50 Pro Smart Door Lock with Pin Code, AmiciSmart Multi-Access Smart Door Lock, Ozone 5 in 1 Keyless Entry Door Lock are some of the smart locks available in India. These are sold in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000.Many traditional brands such as Harrison are available and cost way less.
Risk of getting hacked which is common with any technologyRisk of getting misplaced or lost.
Technology sometimes doesn’t work for various reasons. When this happens even regular locksmiths cannot help. You risk the chance of being unable to open the main door and being locked out.When traditional locks don’t work, you can get any locksmith to unlock it for you.
Smart locks depend on power supply and if that gets disrupted then your battery might get low on power and things may not work.No such challenge as it is manual.
Installation cost is high and the more sophisticated it is then more costly it would be.Manual ones are cost effective.
Comparison of smart and traditional lock

Which smart lock is best to buy?

Smart locks that combine all features in smartphones and simultaneously keep your home safe from intruders could be considered for buying. As said above, why to buy a smart lock finally depends on your need and budget.  

FAQs on smart locks

1. What is a smart lock?

A smart lock is a digital lock that enables one to lock and unlock their premises using the smartphone apps, RFID card, fingerprint, voice recognition software, keypad code, etc.

2. How does a smart lock work?

Smart locks use electronic components such as sensors and various forms of communication technologies to lock and unlock your premises. Everything is connected to your phone through WiFi, bluetooth, or other forms of wireless protocols.

3. Are smart locks secure?

Are smart locks safe? Source: Wall Street Journal

When properly installed and configured smart locks would be secure. Opt for ones that have advanced security features such as encryption, tamper alerts, two-factor authentication, etc. Importantly, keep updating the lock’s firmware to address any security vulnerabilities that may arise.

4. Can I use a physical key with smart lock?

Smart locks have backup physical key option which are handy when software does not work or when there is some emergency. Keep this in mind and opt for models that offer those features.

5. What to do if I lose my smartphone?

Immediately disable or change the access codes online to prevent any unauthorized access.

6. Do smart locks work with voice assistants?

Yes many smart locks work well with Alexa or Google Assistant enabling users to lock or unlock the door using voice commands.

7. How to share access with friends and families?

If you have a guest at home then you can create temporary access codes or virtual keys. You can share the code with your lock’s app.

8. Are smart locks easy to install?

Smart locks are do-it-yourself (DIY) but again it depends on the model you purchase. Some are easy and others are complicated requiring professional installation.

9. Do smart locks need a monthly subscription?

Some of the features such as remote access or advanced access management may need monthly or yearly subscriptions. Check with the manufacturer before buying.

10. Can smart locks be hacked?

Any electronic items have this risk element and smart locks are no exceptions. However, one needs to regularly update the smart lock system and follow the best practices to mitigate risks.

11. What to do if smart lock loses power?

Smart locks have backup power options such as physical key or keypad entry to allow you access to your home.

12. Are smart locks compatible with all door types?

Smart locks may have specific requirements or compatibility issues. It is better to check with the manufacturer before buying.

13. Can I integrate my smart lock with other smart home devices?

Yes it is possible to integrate it with other devices allowing you to automate actions and coordinate with other connected devices.

14. What all things should I consider while buying smart lock?

Check for compatibility issues, security features, backup access options in case the software doesn’t work. These may depend on the models that you choose.

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