Caring for Your Home, Important tips for Housewife

Are you a newly wedded housewife preferring to stay at home, temporarily taking a break from work, or permanently? In this blog, we provide you with some exciting and excellent ideas for creating a perfect home that would help in maintaining good relationships with family members, whether it is your husband, in-laws, parents, siblings, and eventually children who will be born to you.

How to run your home efficiently?

1. Cleaning the home tips for Housewife:

Your home is like a temple and it needs to be cleaned thoroughly to have a positive impact on what you do in your life, day in and day out. A clean house reduces stress, cheers up the spirits of its residents, and helps run things smoother. It brings that air of positivity and from a health perspective, you don’t breathe any dust or acquire diseases that may be transmitted by the presence of harmful insects, pests, etc.

Caring for Your Home, Important tips for Housewife

2. Cooking healthy food, tips for Housewife:

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are highly important as consuming healthy food keeps family members strong and healthy.  As the saying goes, the way to a person’s heart is by serving good and tasty food. Even simple home-cooked food will do wonders, if you do not know much about cooking different dishes then catch hold of a recipe book or watch some good YouTube videos to learn how to cook in different styles.

Caring for Your Home, Important tips for Housewife

3. Washing clothes:

Now this could be challenging and tedious besides time-consuming but housewives need to do this as clothes are needed for daily use and to maintain good hygiene you need to wear washed clothes so that there’s no stinky smell. Some clothes such as shirt collars need to be washed manually with a brush to remove the stains, others can be put in the washing machine and then dried and ironed as needed.

Caring for Your Home, Important tips for Housewife

4. Having a schedule, tips for Housewife:

One of the most important tasks of a housewife is to ensure that everything that is needed to run the house functions smoothly. Create schedules for all activities such as cooking, cleaning the house, cleaning the kitchen and utensils, washing clothes, watering the plants, packing the food for your husband and children, dropping them off at school and workplace, buying groceries, etc. In this way, you will manage your time to the optimum.

5. Maintaining relationships:

It is very important to discuss realistic expectations with your partner and other members of the family and meet them as best as possible. Sometimes your husband or children would need special care and attention and it becomes your duty to help as best as you can. Also, you need to maintain your body, bathing and wearing clean clothes is a part of this, and staying healthy is essential. A good partner listens to her spouse without interrupting, understands his viewpoint, listens to more, and talks less as it would show your partner that you have humility, respect, selflessness, and generosity.

6. Playing the gracious host:

Often you would have visitors at home, sometimes friends, relatives, office colleagues, etc. Serve the guests well by offering them tea, snacks, lunch, dinner, etc. Bond with them, establish friendly relations and good networking to show how considerate you are. Sometimes hold birthday parties or marriage anniversaries at home, invite your friends and relatives to enjoy the moment with you.

7. Keeping things in their proper place:

Your home is a treasure trove for a variety of items, furniture, jewellery, cash, documents, luggage, electrical appliances, electronic items, and so on. One major duty is to keep all things organized and in proper manner so that it is easy to locate when needed. For example, books and clothes can be neatly organized in almirahs and cupboards, jewellery and cash, ATM cards, etc. can be kept in the almirah locker, and all other items should be put in their proper place. Furthermore, it is essential to check if everything is working properly, items like motors, electronic appliances, etc. would need maintenance from time to time and it is your responsibility to call the mechanic when anything is not functioning properly. Caring for pets and plants: When you have pets at home they need to be attended to, you need to provide them food, play with them, fondle them, etc. If you have an aquarium then the fish needs to be given the food and the water needs to be cleaned. Something similar needs to be done with plants, you need to water them, provide the manure and medicines, etc. to ensure their healthy living.


1. I am a housewife with a small child and find it difficult to cope in terms of cleaning. What should I do?

Housework and parenting are challenging tasks but doable when you plan and execute properly. At times you need to forgo one thing for the more important one but come back to what was left unattended and complete it.

2. As a full-time housewife can I do some part-time jobs?

Absolutely. You can take up some work-from-home jobs like data entry, online teaching, drafting, sewing, administration jobs, tele-calling, research works, content writing, designing, etc. as per your skill sets and interests. Many companies provide flexible working hours that you may explore.

3. Can I go outside the house?

Yes once all pressing matters are taken care of then it is your time. You can network with friends, watch a movie if you want, go shopping, take long walks, work out in the gym, attend dance classes, go to any library to read books and literature or do any activities that will be of interest to you.

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