DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

Month after month Amazon adds some exciting new finds to its home appliances segment, mostly under the New Releases section and often these are best sellers. DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine which is portable and self-cleaning has struck a chord with US customers, lately.

Product Description

Model NameDUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Portable Self-Cleaning
Product Dimensions11.6″D x 8.8″W x 12.5″H
Capacity1.5 Liters
DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review


1. Ice quantity and water requirement

As per the DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker manufacturer, the ice maker can make nine bullet-shaped cubes in just six minutes. One needs to fill 1.5 liter of water into the water tank and the maximum ice capacity can reach 26.5 pounds within 24 hours. Those fond of drinking and needing to put ice into their favorite drinks can bid goodbye to long waiting times and enjoy the ice as and when they need it.

DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

2. Different sizes of ice cubes

Interestingly, you can get two different sizes of ice cubes with the DUMOS ice machine maker. Small cubes are great for keeping seafood like fish, or alcoholic beverages like beer fresh and cool for longer periods. Larger cubes are good for making iced coffee or cool drinks for a quick cooling effect.

DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

3. Portable Ice Maker

Customers have given a thumbs-up to the DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker. First and foremost, it is a portable ice maker, i.e. they can carry without any hassles when traveling. It can make nine bullet shape sized cubes in just six minutes making it convenient for users. As it has a self-cleaning facility with an ice scoop and removable ice basket, it is a time saver. It can be operated with an on and off button in five seconds.

DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review

4. Transparent Window

Also, it comes with a transparent window enabling you to watch the status of the ice being created. When the water is insufficient the indicator light will turn on. The best part is the manufacturer gives a one-year after-sales support.

DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker Machine Review


  1. Ice can melt if you don’t use is a specified time period
  2. Caring handle is a bit thin

The DUMOS Countertop Ice Maker machine is highly recommended as it is perfect for anyone who wants to make fresh ice at home with minimal effort. Affordable in terms of price, its usage is quite easy and it can produce ice with great efficiency compared to various other products in the market, making it a great purchase.


What is the after-sales support given by the manufacturer?

You get a one-year after-sales support.

Is it noisy in daily use?

The countertop ice maker operates at about 40dB, which is equivalent to the noise of a common refrigerator, hence it will not disturb you that badly.

Does the ice maker have a freezer function?

The ice cubes cannot be kept in the machine for a long time. lf you want to keep the ice cubes from melting, you will need to pack them in the ice bag and move them to your freezer.

When using the machine for the first time what needs to be taken care of?

Before first use, you need to clean the ice maker machine and keep it in an upright position for 24 hours.

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