How long can you keep water in a copper bottle?

Copper bottle can keep water fresh for around 8-12 hours. The duration that water could be stored in a copper bottle depends upon the quality of the water and the cleanliness of the bottle that stores the water. It is highly recommended to clean the bottle on a daily basis, and add fresh water every day to ensure that water remains safe to drink.

If you keep the water longer than the stipulated period then you will start experiencing distaste and perhaps expose yourself to health related diseases since the quality of water would reduce. Copper reacts with oxygen and oxides of copper are formed on the surface of the vessel leading to bluish black discolouration on your bottle and these oxides are harmful to health.

How to keep water in the copper bottle?

As per Indian tradition the real benefit of water in copper bottle can be reaped when the person themselves store the water consciously in a positive frame of mind, i.e. with joy and love towards water, and keeps it in an auspicious corner of the house. This will influence the water quality, generating a cosmic energy and bring a positive difference to your entire thought process both in the physical and mental aspects.

In ancient times, people used to throw copper coins in well, pond, streams and rivers. Copper’s anti-bacterial properties would purify the water and this tamra jal will be safe for human and animal consumption. Electro-magnetic energy of the copper vessel will make the water ionic and drinking this water will improve the PH of the body or acid alkaline balance.  

What are the benefits of drinking water from copper bottle?

You would perhaps recollect your grandma giving you water stored in copper vessels. Ancient Egyptians stored water in copper utensils for drinking. Ayurveda also recommends using copper bottles to store water and drink from it.

Water stored in copper utensils can balance three primary doshas that your body will more often than not be prone to — vata (diseases associated with air and space), kapha (diseases based on earth and water), and pitta (diseases based on fire, often digestive and body’s metabolism).

Copper bottles have antimicrobial properties which enables purification of water. Herein are the primary benefits of using copper water for human body:

  1. It is good for cancer: Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases all over the world. Copper which is an antioxidant fights free radicals and negates their negative effects on human body. Free radicals are a major cause of cancer and drinking water from copper will keep these harmful radicals at bay.
  2. It balances hypertension: Copper is helpful in reducing cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure in the body.
  3. Balances thyroid gland: Copper helps in balancing the inconsistencies of thyroid gland by helping it to function well. However, it is to be noted that excess copper would also affect thyroid adversely.
  4. Good for anemia: Copper increases metabolism, it helps in digesting food particles and aids the production of haemoglobin and is also good for producing white blood cells.
  5. Arthritis and inflamed joints: Copper’s anti-inflammatory attributes helps in providing relief to patients suffering arthritis. Also, copper is useful in strengthening the bones.
  6. Controls infection: Copper water is good for E.Coli, S. aureus and Cholera Bacillus, and other water borne diseases.
  7. Digestion: Copper kills the germs in your stomach. It detoxifies and cleanses your body. Copper reduces inflammation and aids in digestion, the root cause of many diseases.
  8. Cardiovascular health: Usage of copper water helps increase blood flow to the heart and promotes heart health.
  9. Anti-ageing propensities: Copper besides being an anti-oxidant also promotes cell regeneration. It helps reduce the wrinkles and fine lines that come due to age.
  10. Increases brain efficiency: Copper is good for your brain as it helps cells in communicating with each other and promotes brain health.
  11. Prevents stroke: Copper’s anti-convulsive properties helps prevents seizures and reduces risks of strokes in human beings.
  12. Weight loss: Copper dissolves fat deposits in human body which aids in weight loss. Copper helps in burning fat even when the individual is not doing any particular activity.
  13. Healing of wounds: Copper helps in skin regeneration and strengthens the immune system and helps the body heal wounds quickly.
  14. Cools body temperature: Food sometimes becomes acidic; it releases toxins and increases body temperature.
  15. Throat congestion improvement: Gargling your throat every morning with water stored in the copper bottle it clears throat congestion.

How to drink water from copper bottle correctly?

  1. Buy a pure copper water bottle, any good manufacturer which assures the purity of the metal.
  2. Once you fill the bottle with water, keep it overnight or maximum for about 8 – 12 hours. Clean and then refill for next use.
  3. Refrain from putting the bottle in refrigerator. It must be used naturally.
  4. Drink the water stored in the copper bottle, first thing in the morning, on empty stomach.
  5. Do not keep drinking copper water throughout the day, twice, once in the morning and once in the evening would be sufficient.
  6. Also, keep in mind that once you drink continuously from copper water bottle for about two months then take a break for at least a month to flush out the extra copper from the body.

What to do with the oily layer formed on top when water is stored in copper bottle? Is it safe to consume?

When water is stored in copper bottle a layer is formed automatically on the top which is because a small amount of copper ion gets dissolved in the water. This is good for health as it destroys microbes, fungi, etc. In Sanskrit it is called Tamra Jal, and it is safe to drink the water as it promotes good health for liver.

Why pure copper vessel gets tarnished within a few hours of putting water in it? How to prevent this?

Copper bottle may get tarnished due to the presence of chemicals in the air reacting with it. Usually, carbon dioxide, acidic gases, ammonia, etc. are the reasons. When they merge with water a thin layer is formed that wets the metal surface, or as a larger volume of water inside the vessel.

The best way for this is to clean your copper vessel which will help in removing the outermost layer of copper from the surface and bring forth a fresh unreacted layer of copper which gives a shiny clean look to the vessel.

Keep your copper vessel inside a closed cabinet to protect it from dust, moisture and ambient pollutants so that the tarnishing is slow. Always keep cleaning the vessel at regular intervals.


Why do copper bottles change colour?

  • Copper metal is reactive one and due to oxidization it would turn blackish or greenish. Small black dots or lines may also come.

How to use copper bottles for the first time?

  • Thoroughly rinse the bottle with fresh water at least 2 – 3 times.
  • Fill the bottle with normal water and keep it aside for 4 – 8 hours.
  • Dry the water on the outer surface quickly to ensure oxidisation happens slowly.
  • Fill the inside portion of the bottle with water to protect the inner part from being wet and exposed to air.
  • Drink in the speculated time.

Why does water filled in a copper bottle taste unpleasant?

  • Most probably the bottle has got contaminated.
  • If it is not made of pure copper then this problem arises.
  • Clean the inside of the bottle using lemon.

How do I choose a pure copper bottle?

  • The bottle should be of reddish orange colour.
  • You can test the bottle with a magnet.
  • Search for blue green spots on the bottle.
  • Tap on the surface of the bottle to understand the sound it makes.
  • Feel the bottle for dents if any.

How can I test my copper purity at home?

  • With an ohmmeter which measures electrical resistance you can test your copper bottle’s conductivity. Copper has 1.7 x 10⁻⁸ Ohm/meter resistance rating.
  • Original copper would be red-orange colour not some other colour.
  • If copper is authentic then the density would be of 8.96 grams per cm.
  • Methodology – Completely fill your copper bottle to find its volume, i.e. to get how much water it can hold. Afterwards, place the copper bottle on a scale to get its mass in grams. Thereafter, divide the mass measurement with the volume and if as stated above the copper density comes to around 8.96 grams per cm then it is likely to be an authentic one, else, it would be fake.

Where to buy copper bottle?

  • Many prominent brands such as Borosil, Cello, Milton, etc. manufacture copper water bottles
  • You can buy these bottles on any of the online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Myntra, etc.
  • Copper bottles are also sold in many of the shopping malls in various Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • Also, several retail shops which sell kitchen utensils also sell copper bottles.

How to clean copper vessels or bottles?

  • Use vinegar and salt to reduce oxidization. Rub the bottle thoroughly to remove any tarnish and grime. Rinse well with water and dry using a soft, dry, clean cloth.
  • Place a tablespoon of salt and a cup of white vinegar into a large pot and fill it with water, and put the copper bottle inside the pot. Boil it till the tarnish comes off, wait for it to cool down and wash with dishing soap in warm water and dry.
  • Use lemon to rub it over the tarnished area, rub with the dishwashing brush and rinse.
  • Add one tablespoon of salt into a cup of white vinegar, make a paste by adding flour, apply the paste to the copper bottle and smear over the tarnished area. Leave for some time, rinse with warm water, dry, and polish in case it is needed.

Is copper water good for gastric issues?

  • Copper aids digestive functions as it stimulates the uniform contraction and relaxation of stomach and helps food movement along the digestive tract.
  • When you drink water stored in a copper vessel then it cleanses and detoxifies your stomach besides boosting liver and kidney health.

Is it safe to use copper water bottle for babies and small children?

  • Copper water is fine for babies. You can give lukewarm or normal temperature water.
  • Children are prone to fall and get hurt while playing. Copper since it has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties helps in healing wounds at a faster pace.

Can we store anything else in a copper bottle?

  • Copper bottle must be used exclusively for storing and drinking normal water nothing else.
  • Other things would have varying acidic levels which would react adversely when it merges with copper.
  • It would cause harm to human body that is why it should contain only water.

Brass versus Copper what are the advantages and disadvantages, which is good?

  • Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc and as zinc is mixed with copper it makes brass stronger than pure copper.
  • Copper has better heat conductivity and can be used for prolonged cooking. In brass you can cook at medium temperature for your daily needs.

Is copper beneficial for coronavirus?

Copper can kill major viruses that affect the human body and are believed to be good for Covid 19. Copper and its alloys help in reducing the spread and infection of coronavirus.

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