What functionalities could a smart cutting board provide over normal cutting board?

If you want to make your kitchen a smart kitchen then a miracle gadget – the smart cutting board is a must. Although evolving, the smart cutting board is on its way to become a common household gadget very soon

So what is a smart cutting board and what features set it apart from a normal cutting board and why to buy it?

A smart cutting board is a dual chopping board as it saves space, time and money with its in-built features. The smart cutting board comes with an in-built UZ sanitizer that keeps your utensils germs free as the UV light eliminates bacteria.

Which cutting board is better?

A smart cutting board is better as it has two cutting surfaces with which you can switch between raw meat and seafood to vegetables and avoid any cross-contamination from both. You can use the smaller cutting board to put the chopped pieces of food or else use it for transferring the ingredients to cook. You can replace the main cutting surface whenever needed, something which is not possible in a traditional cutting board.

Can we weigh the food on a smart cutting board?

Yes it is possible as it is manufactured with a built-in scale to weigh the food. On the control panel there is a middle button with which you can measure your ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds and kilograms. It also has a digital kitchen timer which makes it all the more useful.

How long will the battery last and is it waterproof?

The battery of the smart chopping board is a long-lasting one. It is rechargeable and can be used for a month regularly. It is also waterproof and sturdy to withstand close to 70 kg (around 150 pounds) of weight.

What all tools does a smart cutting board have?

It features five single use tools in one chopping pad. These include a second slide out board, a UV light for sanitizing knifes, the chopping surface, a built-in digital scale, and knife sharpeners.

What material is a smart cutting board made of?

The board is made of bamboo and hence it can withstand the wear and tear of cutting vegetables and fruits.


Why does a cutting board harbour bacteria?

It is a universal truth that anything exposed to bacteria will harbour bacteria. Cutting boards are exposed to bacteria that can spoil food and bring illness to your body when you consume that food. Although you may wash the board but the bacteria remains in the surface, it isn’t easy to kill them especially when they have microscopic grooves that prevent microbicides from getting to them.

What is the best type of kitchen cutting board?

Smart cutting boards are made of bamboo which makes it the best for cutting meat, fruits and vegetables. It is easy on blades and can be sanded down when scratched up and moreover bamboo is expected to have antimicrobial properties making it a safe bet.

How to pack a smart cutting board for transportation?

Wrap the smart cutting board in a bubble wrap and ensure that the entire surface area of the cutting board is packed to protect it from scratches.

Why should you buy a smart cutting board for your kitchen?

Smart cutting board is made of wood which helps absorb the residual food borne bacteria after manual cleaning with cold or hot water as applicable. Since it is eco-friendly it requires minimum handling care and can last for many years. There are no extra maintenance costs provided you keep them healthy, washing it clean with warm water, etc. Also, it gives satisfactory results in terms of cutting everything nicely, there will be uniformity.

How does it compare with plastic cutting boards?

Smart cutting board is made of wood which is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Plastic cutting boards on the other hand are susceptible to lacerations with which food residues tend to be buried as it gets cut.

Are smart cutting boards heat resistant?

As they are made of bamboo which is wood, they have a temperature tolerance of around 400 degrees as against the average 350 degrees wood cutting boards. Plastic boards have a melting point of around 320 degrees Fahrenheit, and this makes smart cutting boards more useful.

Where can you buy a smart cutting board?

You can buy a smart cutting board from any of the big shopping malls, or on online platforms such as:

Amazon – https://www.amazon.in/smart-cutting-board/s?k=smart+cutting+board

Flipkart – https://www.flipkart.com/shopfleet-smart-cutting-board-wooden/p/itm9fd70dfafc70b

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