How to select best umbrella for rainy season 2023?

Walking through rain can be challenging but with an umbrella this can be an enjoyable experience. An umbrella will keep you dry in the wet weather, and you can keep it aside when not needed. When thinking on buying an umbrella the first question in your mind will always be how to select best umbrella?

First and foremost thing that comes to your mind while we select best umbrella is the strength of the metal frame with which it is made. Its structure, cloth quality, stitching quality, is it spacious enough for your use, the colour of the umbrella, its look and feel, and can it be carried easily while traveling are other considerations while buying an umbrella.

select best umbrella

How to decide the quality of the metal frame of the umbrella?

The quality of the metal frame used in manufacturing an umbrella is what decides whether your umbrella is strong and durable. An umbrella made of a smaller and lighter frame can break easily. If the diameter of the metal frame is larger, its construction is more durable and it will be long lasting. Importantly, umbrellas made of high quality metal frame would not be prone to rust, they will be strong and stable in your hands. Furthermore, when the metal frame of the umbrella is strong it will resist heavy winds.

How to understand the cloth quality while selecting best umbrella?

Umbrellas made of nylon and polyester fabrics are excellent in terms of water proofing and UV protection. Tightly woven nylon is highly preferred as a fabric by umbrella manufacturers as it is impermeable to water and can block harmful UV rays. Nylons act like silk and have zero friction and abrasion when the umbrella gets in contact with other surfaces. Also, nylon is resistant to fungi, insects, molds, rot, and other chemicals.

Polyester umbrellas are resistant to chemicals, stretching and shrinking, and abrasions and wrinkling. Usually fashion umbrellas are made of polyesters. Manufacturers use it to produce lightweight umbrellas and as polyester fabric respond well to dyes, it is easy to make customized colours. The umbrellas can be washed and dried easily. As polyester umbrellas do not shrink or expand under increased air humidity, opening and closing of such umbrellas are quick and easy.

How to check the stitching quality of an umbrella?

Normally, double lockstitch, single thread chain stitch and over-edge chain stitch would be good ones. If the stich density is good then the elasticity and strength will also be good.

How to decide the size of the umbrella?

Determining the size of the umbrella depends on what you want to shade. Usually it would be better to select an umbrella that is larger than the diameter of your body. When you move the umbrella it wouldn’t drench you in the rain or expose you to sunlight. Ideally a canopy with a 38-inch diameter or more can keep you safe from getting drenched in the rain.

How to select the colour of the umbrella?

If you reside in a place which gets heavy rainfall then black umbrella or any dark colour ones would be best. Dark colours work very well compared to lighter shades. More often than not in ancient times umbrellas used to be manufactured in black colour. Various studies have also shown that carrying a black colour umbrella increases people’s confidence in stepping out in heavy rain. Some decades ago, umbrellas used to be long ones with a curved stick and it used to be black. Also, black colour fades slowly compared to other colours. However, as time passed by with many innovations new features have been added to the old rain umbrella. Today we have different varieties such as two-fold umbrellas, three-fold umbrellas, and five-fold umbrellas.

How to decide the portability of the umbrella?

Foldable umbrellas will be easy to keep in your bag or suitcase while travelling. Windproof auto open umbrellas with fortified metal frame ribs are good options when heavy winds are blowing and it is raining heavily. Such type of rain umbrellas can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating down which of course is great when you are travelling.

History of Umbrella

Umbrella always occupied an important position in Indian culture and tradition and often had a divine connection. If you happen to see images depicted in mythological or history books then you will find kings and even monks being depicted holding an umbrella over their head. Their servants use to hold it over their heads something parallel with Greek and Roman civilizations.
Europe which had extensive trade with China and India also imbibed umbrellas in their culture with umbrellas becoming popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. Then in early 20th century the telescopic pocket umbrella was invented by Hans Haupt. While selecting best umbrella this began becoming the default option and continues to this day.
Umbrellas are continuing to evolve further with more new added features, people of all genders and classes are using them, irrespective of their positioning in the society.

Select Best Umbrella: FAQs

1. Which umbrella is best in India?

Any umbrellas with durable metal frame will provide better security against strong winds. Brands such as Hemovia, Rylan, Kenneth Cole, and many more are quite popular in India.

2. How to select the best umbrella in India?

Opt for a sturdy, long-lasting umbrella. It should be portable and suit your needs.

3. Which umbrellas are best – 2 fold, 3 fold or 5 fold?

Two fold umbrellas are good for heavy wind and rainfall. Three fold umbrellas cannot withstand such weather although it is easier to carry. Three fold umbrellas are better compared to five fold ones in terms of folding easiness, windproof performance, weight and folding length.

4. Which type of umbrella is easy to carry?

Lightweight foldable umbrella is always easy to carry while travelling. You can stuff it inside your travel bag or suitcase and take it out when it rains or when it is too hot. Big umbrellas although comfortable in heavy rain aren’t easy to carry. They can be used locally if you are walking for a short distance.

5. Which is better, buying a manual umbrella or an automatic one?

Manual umbrellas are opened and closed by sliding the ring up and down the shaft. Automatic ones will pop open at the push of a button, located on the handle. Also there are umbrellas that automatically open and close. There’s a flip side to this, automated umbrellas occasionally will break and become either stuck open or stuck closed. So it is recommended to buy a higher quality one with a lifetime warranty.

6. Is buying a wind proof umbrella a good option?

Many people nowadays are opting for wind proof umbrellas for a variety of reasons. Apart from giving protection in rains, they also protect mankind from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Umbrella manufacturers are increasingly manufacturing umbrellas that are wind resistant with numerous design elements in it. Manufacturers are producing umbrellas with reinforced fiberglass materials designed to withstand high wind forces as they wouldn’t easily break. As they are durable the windproof umbrellas

7. Can umbrellas be used for promotional activities and gifting?

One of the biggest advantage of selecting best umbrella is the visibility it creates as a promotional material as against key chains and pens. Your branding will be widely visible on an umbrella especially with the company logo and messaging. If that is a company with good work ethics then the user will pleasingly flaunt it in front of family and friends. Golf umbrellas are large in size and are bigger canopy for advertising.

8. What should you look for in a modern umbrella?

Umbrella is an expression of lots of positive thoughts and feelings. It is symbolic of protection, brightness, happiness on a rainy day. When buying an umbrella look whether it is windproof, grants UV protection, has double layer, can withstand fierce winds and heavy rain, etc.

9. What are the features of umbrella?

Umbrellas have a circular fabric or plastic screen stretched over hinged ribs that radiate from a central pole.

10. What are the interesting facts about umbrella?

  1. Umbrella word is derived from Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow.
  2. First water proof umbrella was invented in ancient China
  3. Umbrella can be used both in sun and in rain

11. How many types of umbrellas are there?

There are two main types of umbrellas – the straight ones and the folding ones. The straight ones cannot be folded and need to be carried separately. The folding ones can be inserted inside your luggage.

12. Which is better, an umbrella or a plastic raincoat?

Both umbrella and raincoats are meant for protecting us from rain. While an umbrella can be used in rain and in sunlight, raincoat can be used only for rainy season. It cannot be used for protecting yourself from sun’s rays. An umbrella will give shade not just to you but also to a large extend to your backpack or handbag. Raincoat will be useful only to protect your body.

13. Which umbrella brand is good?

There are many options sold in India such as Destinio, Rexera, FabSeasons, Sun Umbrella, K.C. Paul & Sons, Star Work, Popy, K K Printed Umbrella, Citizen, EUME, Anycho, The Clownfish, and various other brands. These can be purchased on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Flipkart, or from the respective websites of these companies.

14. How much does an umbrella cost?

A good quality umbrella would cost anywhere from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500, or more.

15. Do umbrella brands offer warranties or repair services?

Most leading brands offer warranty and repair services. However, ascertain if the manufacturer is giving this option before buying.

16. Which umbrella is the strongest?

Umbrellas built with strong metal frame are usually very good for heavy rainfall. Blunt umbrellas manufactured in Australia are believed to be one of the strongest. The umbrella design has been tested in a high-speed wind tunnel, it’s been tested against hail stones and hideous rain – and it won’t turn inside out unless you are in truly severe weather conditions.

17. Which brand of umbrella is most expensive in the world?

Billionaire Couture, manufactured by Italy is considered to be the world’s most expensive umbrella.

18. What is the difference between sun and rain umbrella?

Both models are used for different weather conditions. Sun umbrellas are used for sunny weather. Standard umbrellas are used when it drizzles or when there is heavy wind and rain.

19. Will the colour of the umbrella change when you use it for long?

While selecting best umbrella it is very much important to check the fabric and whether the colour is a long lasting one. Based on some of the materials there is a probability to see changes in the colour when you use it during summers in the hot season.

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