What are the benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed in 2023?

Ever heard the term “smart bed”? We have been accustomed to using smartphones, smart plugs, smart this, or smart that but smart bed is altogether a new phenomenon that is gaining momentum. So, what are the benefits of sleeping on a smart bed?

What’s a smart bed?

Let’s first understand what a smart bed is. A smart bed has built-in features that can detect how we are sleeping. The smart bed analyses how we sleep and uses the information to self-adjust and improve our sleeping patterns.

Interestingly, it also sends information to your smartphone reporting how well you are sleeping and what can be done better to improve your sleep. There are smart beds that come with a built-in television or alarms. Also, some have smart bedsheets with which you can adjust to temperature variations and others can work well with home automation services.

 benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed in 2023

What are the features of a smart bed?

Tracking: It can monitor your movements while sleeping in bed. With the help of sensors, it can track your respiration, heartbeat, blood pressure, and so on to make your sleep a comfortable one.

App integration: Smart beds connect well with the Internet of Things and establish control over other smart home devices such as virtual assistants, smart lights, television sets, and so on enabling you to operate while still on the bed.

Controlling temperature: Smart beds have built-in thermostats for regulating temperature when you sleep. This is definitely one of the benefits of sleeping on a smart bed

Playing Audio : Listening to audio always augurs well for your sleep, some get rest with meditation, nature sounds, or any music or sound. Smart beds, some of them, are manufactured with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect your smartphone directly to the bed’s speaker system and give you a sound sleep, also you can wake yourself up listening to your favourite radio station, early in the morning.

 benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed in 2023?

Position control: With a remote app you can control your bed, for example, you can move one area of the bed like the head or leg area while the other region remains steady.

Air chambers: Smart beds have inflated air tubes and pressure sensors which enable the bed to adjust to your body posture when asleep. The air tubes are possible to be controlled remotely through an app that is paired with the bed.

Which smart beds are best?

There are many benefits of sleeping on a smart bed and here we bring some of the good ones that can be considered to buy for comfortable sleeping:

Ultimate Smart Bed: This is touted as one of the best multifunctional beds ever made for mankind. The manufacturers provide some mind-blowing choices such as mini-fridges (the regular ones, not the smart ones though) with LED lighting, a bookcase, a hidden safe, and some reading lamps.

Video Source: Jubilee Furniture Futuristic Style

Ohea: This is a smart bed that sets up by itself. With Ohea you won’t feel any more backaches, your bedroom will be presentable without any effort, and get a good night’s sleep.

HiCan: This is a real smart bed as unlike others it redefines the entire bedroom experience with a full-feature sleeping pod. It comes with a 4K projector and a 70-inch screen with HDMI ports, reading lights, a sound system, and privacy blinds.

Sleep Number 360°: This smart bed is unique as it pre-warms the bed before you get in to sleep on it. While you are asleep it senses how you are shifting and adjusts itself automatically to keep you comfortable. What’s more interesting is that it sends data to your phone on how well you slept including personal suggestions on how to sleep well by improving your positioning.

Eight Sleep: The beds manufactured by Eight Sleep have a pod cover and pod mattress. As per your choice, the pod automatically heats or cools the bed before you enter for sleep. It also adjusts itself according to your sleep patterns.

ReST Smart Bed: This one gives targeted configurations for five areas – head, shoulders, lumbar, hips, and legs. The bed also keeps a record of how comfortable you are and adjusts automatically to sync with your chosen comfort levels.

How does a smart bed work?

Technology is the heart and brain of a smart bed and almost all of them have sensors to collect data and analyze your sleeping patterns including heart rate, breath rate, body movement, sleep quality, and so on which will enable you to improvise upon your sleep quality. The bed can make adjustments based on your sleep pattern, for example, if you have a snoring problem then the bed after detecting it would raise the head of the bed to help alleviate the same. Some of the beds come with sleep tracking apps to monitor your sleep data and help you make informed decisions on improving your sleep quality.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed in 2023?

Why are smart beds popular?

Smart beds are popular as they offer unparalleled convenience and customization features. They have the ability to adjust as per your needs including the firmness, elevation, and temperature that you look for, most importantly they create an ideal sleep environment. They are beneficial for couples with different sleep preferences as each side of the bed can be customized according to individual choices.


What is a smart bed?

A smart bed is like a smartphone which has several features that sets it apart from the regular bed. With more technological features a smart bed enhances sleep quality and gives more comfort while sleeping. This is one of the primary benefits of sleeping on a smart bed.

What are the features of a smart bed?

As technologically advanced bed it has a range of features like adjustable firmness, temperature control, sleep tracking, integrated speakers, has in built massagers, and can be connected to other smart home devices.

How smart beds work?

Smart beds come with sensors and technology integrated into it which enables it to monitor and adjust the temperature and sleep patterns of people sleeping on it. Users can customize as per their needs with a mobile app, even remotely.

Is it possible to adjust the firmness of a smart bed?

Yes you can adjust the firmness of a smart bed with the in-built features that support customization. There are air chambers and foam layers which enable it to inflate or deflate, as per your needs.

What are the benefits of using a smart bed?

Sleeping on smart beds would improve your sleep quality as they provide personal comforts, track your sleeping postures and give suggestions on how to improve, and overall a better sleeping experience.

Can smart beds control the temperature?

There are many smart beds that have temperature control features for heating and cooling and regulate body temperature for a comfortable sleep environment.

Can smart beds regulate snoring?

Smart beds have adjustable head positions to reduce snoring or sleep apnea although they aren’t a replacement for medical treatment. A health professional will be able to guide you better.

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Smart Bed in 2023?

How much does a smart bed cost?

The prices would vary depending on the brand, model and features that a bed offers. Usually, any basic model would cost a few hundred dollars and can go upto several thousands of dollars when there are more advanced features.

Do I need a smartphone to use a smart bed to track sleep?

Smart beds can be controlled through mobile apps, they also have remote controls to adjust according to your needs. Using a smartphone however would give you more accurate data related to your sleeping.

Are smart beds compatible with other smart home devices?

More often than not smart beds are compatible with other smart devices in your home. Having a smart bed would create a more personalized and comfortable sleep environment.

Are smart beds suitable for couples with different sleeping preferences?

Yes often smart beds are designed with dual zone settings which enable each side of the bed to be customized independent of the other side. Couples with different sleeping patterns can sleep on the same bed.

Do smart beds need special maintenance?

Regular maintenance such as cleaning the bed covers, examining technical errors, etc. would be very much needed. Examine the specifications and reviews of the smart bed model to ensure that it matches your needs.

Final thoughts on Smart Beds

Smart beds are significant in improving your sleep and overall health of your body with the cutting-edge technologies that it offers. Investing in buying a smart bed would augur well for your health and well-being. Consider exploring and buying the best ones which offer advanced features as these would optimize your sleep and help you in refreshing and rejuvenating once you get awake in the morning.

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