What are the benefits of using Smart Showers in 2023?

Waking up from sleep or feeling tired and want to make yourself fresh then shower your body. Yes, it is the easiest and best option for everyone to keep themselves fresh throughout the day for their activities. It is a healthy habit and more the better. Well conventional showers are one thing that we all know but how about smart showers, what are the primary benefits of using smart showers, let us see how it works.

What is a smart shower?

A smart shower is an electronic shower which can control the temperature of water, its flow and the outlet to use, everything from a touchpad, phone or any voice activated smart speaker. Simply put it is a digital shower with sensors and connectivity features with which you can get personalized or luxurious bathing experience whilst saving water and energy, and comes with various customized options. Hence, the benefits of using smart showers.

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How does a smart shower work?

Although smart showers and traditional showers are used for the same purpose, there are differences in the way they operate. Smart showers can be controlled with precision giving users a more enjoyable experience while bathing. With the usual shower, you turn the knob left or right to adjust the water temperature and also the water flow. In a smart shower it is all electronic controls and some more.

What are the primary benefits of using smart showers?

Convenience and energy savings are some of the primary smart shower benefits and there are some more tangible reasons to upgrade your bathroom with a smart shower.

consistent and Precise water temperature: Smart showers come with digital temperature controls. The thermostatic valve in these showers enables you to select an exact water temperature and the sensors present in the system would ensure that the temperature would stay exactly as per the setting done at the beginning throughout until you finish showering.

What are the benefits of using Smart Showers in 2023?

Remote control your shower: You can turn on the shower with your phone or a smart speaker as soon as you get out of bed or when you return from your routine workout. Everything is set by the time you step inside your bathroom.

Activation via voice control: With a smart speaker you can get effortless and hands-free control, turning the water on and off, setting the temperature, etc.

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Automate showering routine: With a home automation shower control you can set your schedule as per your convenience. You can also program it as per your wish, for example, keeping it ready when you wake up in the morning, or to run at a certain temperature for a certain length of time. This also gives enhanced safety as you don’t have to scald yourself with water which may be too hot as seen in ordinary showers.

Reduced water consumption: Smart showers help cut down on average shower water usage and reduce the energy which otherwise would be used to heat the water. Water wastage will thus be eliminated to a large extent.

Sleeker and more modern design: Smart showers would increase your property value to some extent as bathrooms are a big influencer for home buyers, especially when selling your property or when just renting it out.

Should I get a smart shower for home?

Yes it is a good idea to have smart shower in your bathroom as it not only provides convenience to users but also increases the value of property. It is also a reflection of the fact that you care for your property, definitely it gives you an edge as against old fashioned bathrooms.

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1. What is a smart shower?

A smart shower is a shower which has some advanced features like temperature control, remote operation facility, water monitoring options, and can be connected to smart home ecosystems.

2. What are the benefits of a smart shower?

You can get customized options to set the water temperature as per the needs of your body.  It also helps reduce water consumption and wastage thus acting as a good add-on feature to protect environment.

3. How does smart shower work?

Besides controlling the water temperature and flow it can also be operated through a smartphone app, voice commands, or control panel set up in your bathroom.

4. Are smart showers compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant?

Most smart showers are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. Using your voice you can ask the shower to start.

5. Do smart showers save water and energy?

Smart showers save water and energy as it has flow rate monitoring, timers, precise temperature control to reduce water wastage and energy consumption.

6. Are smart showers easy to install?

Ease of installation would differ depending on the specific model and the existing plumbing setup. Some of the smart shower models would need professional installation while some others would be DIY ones.

7. Can I use a smart shower with a traditional showerhead?

Yes smart showers can be integrated with conventional showerheads enabling you to enjoy benefits of digital control whilst using your preferred showerhead.

8. Are smart showers safe?

Smart showers have in-built safety features like temperature limits to prevent scalding and automatic closure during extreme temperature fluctuations making it safe for users.

9. Do I need a smart home system to use a smart shower?

Some smart showers can be integrated into bigger smart home ecosystems and others function as standalone devices that can be controlled directly through smartphone app without the need for an extensive smart home setup.

10.How many types of smart showers are available?

There are different models in the market and each one offers varying functions. While some are simple replacements for traditional showers others come with advanced options like water monitoring and voice control.

What are the benefits of using Smart Showers in 2023?

Always check the specific product details and user manuals published by the smart shower manufacturer before you purchase.

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